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A work of art - made just for YOU

Individually. Unique. Exclusive. Out of the ordinary. gold right. Incomparable. Really.

All words that could be said about YOUR future work of art. Exactly this, there is not again. It's an original. Unique.

It was created according to YOUR needs and wishes. Does that sound like: "Exactly something like that, I've always wanted to have it!"? Then I give YOU the opportunity to commission an individual work from me.

In a personal conversation in my studio or online (Zoom or Google Meet), we first discuss the general conditions. This gives me an idea of what YOU want exactly and what YOUR commissioned work could look like.

Together we will find out what YOUR needs are. For example, YOUR desired image could be a painting that integrates itself, does not draw attention to itself and should appear more minimalistic. The place where the picture is to hang in the future and the environment play an important role.


YOUR cooperation is of great importance for the color composition. Based on YOUR personal wishes, I create several proposals with different color nuances. Below you can then select YOUR exclusive composition.

At the desired location, I visualize works from my portfolio for comparison, in order to be able to better coordinate the size formats.

If everything corresponds to YOUR ideas, the real work begins: the creation of YOUR work of art. During this phase I will stay in touch with YOU via email or WhatsApp and keep YOU up to date.

Every commissioned work is painted exclusively with the finest oil paints. Please note that this can vary the drying time between two and four weeks before the picture is ready for dispatch. It will not be 100% dry even after it arrives at YOU and should be hung up as soon as possible. Regular ventilation optimally supports the drying process.

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