"Color - structure - depth. Immerse yourself in your own world of thoughts!

My painting inspires the senses and encourages YOU to take the step into a self-determined life. Overcoming boundaries leads to personal fulfillment.


When looking at my pictures, hidden longings and dreams, the want to be lived. My art invites YOU to question the usual lifestyle.


We are free to choose how we want to shape our life.


Dare to look behind your personal scenes and make your way into a fuller life! "


Paint intuitively! Try new things, be inspired and enriched. That is
Jacqueline Dey.

Overcoming the limits of figurative representation, she found her fulfillment in abstract painting. She sells her expressive pictures throughout Germany. She is a member of Artfactory Graz, ArtCreation and crossart international.

Jacqueline Dey was born on February 17, 1981 in Torgau. Berlin is her adopted home. In 2019 her path led her to art.