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"Ensaimada de Mallorca" 120 x 150 cm, oil on canvas

Workaholic was a man who devoted his life to work. He worked day and night to further his career. He lived in Palma, the capital of Mallorca, but had never found time to explore the city.

One day the workaholic decided to take a break and explore the city. He wandered through the narrow streets and discovered a bakery that sold Ensaimada de Mallorca. It was a pastry he'd never eaten before, but he couldn't resist the smell of sweet, frothy goodness.

As he walked into the bakery, he met the friendly owner who offered him a fresh ensaimada de Mallorca. Workaholic was skeptical, but as soon as he took a bite, he was instantly in love. It was the perfect pastry - sweet but not too sweet, fluffy and fluffy.

Workaholic decided to come back every day and buy an Ensaimada de Mallorca. With every bite he realized he had to change his life. He couldn't just live for work anymore, he had to find time for the beautiful things in life.

This is how workaholic started to organize his days differently. He spent time in nature, met new people and enjoyed life's little pleasures like an ensaimada de Mallorca. His life was no longer just an endless working week, but a journey of adventure and discovery.

And every day, as he passed the bakery, the workaholic couldn't help but smile and remember the time he discovered Ensaimada de Mallorca and changed his life.



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