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I paint intuitively. That means for me that I don't think so much, but just do it.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

I slide my hand across the canvas and watch the colors and shapes emerge. It is a process of letting go and trusting my intuition.

When I started painting, it was important to me not to get stuck in old thought patterns. I wanted to break away from perfection and enjoy the moment. And so I just started painting - without any idea of what would come out of it in the end.

And what should I say? It worked! My paintings are lively and full of emotions. They tell stories of joy, sadness or hope - depending on which feeling is present in me at the moment.

The beauty of working this way is also the unpredictability of the outcome. Because there is no right or wrong in intuitive painting. Each picture is unique and reflects the moment it was created.

In the meantime I have learned to give my intuition even more space and to use it more consciously - both in the painting process and in life itself. When we allow ourselves to listen to and trust our inner voice, we can achieve things we never thought we could do.

But that takes courage: the courage to let go of our fears of failure or rejection; The courage to stay true to ourselves; The courage to break new ground and to listen to our gut feeling.


Eine Frau auf dem Bertolt Brecht Platz in Berlin

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