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Fate does not ask you - 50 x 60 cm

Fate does not ask you - 50 x 60 cm

Abstract Art | Oil on canvas


407€  excl. shipping


Destiny is described as a higher power. So a foreign determination? The question arises as to whether one's own life is also predetermined. Because if you ask me, in some situations I believe in fate. Especially when you can no longer explain things when something happens. The "why" is inexplicable at the moment. Does that unsettle you or does it feel exciting? Fate can us  as unpredictable as the death of a loved one or a pregnancy that was always desired and already forgotten. And so the circle closes again from birth and death and all the life in between. 


  • Visualization on YOUR wall

    YOU can´t quite imagine how the picture could look on YOUR dream wall? I would be happy to help you with that!


    Just send me a jpg file of YOUR wall by mail.


    You will then receive a jpg file back from me free of charge with my picture on YOUR wall.

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